How to Earn Customer Loyalty for You and Your Business

How to Earn Customer Loyalty for You and Your BusinessCustomer Loyalty is Won with Good Communication

In this age of instant communication,Customer loyalty is earned by how you are able to convey your ability to deliver old fashion service and guarantee customer satisfaction.

You as a business owner can make sure your customer understand the benefits of the ease and comfort of doing business with you. Then make sure you are delivering good value  via email and your blog content.

 Using the tools of new technology goes a long way to help you get that message out.  It is true that you lose some of the attributes of face to face marketing such as body language, eye to eye contact, a firm handshake.  Or do you?  Actually, video marketing online can bridge the gap in personal contact to a point.

Let Video Help You Build Customer Loyalty

Video is an amazing tool to build customer loyalty and allow your blog visitors get the opportunity to get familiar with your face, your voice, your smile…to put some greater context to who you are beyond the words of your blog posts.

Tips for Good Communication with Internet Marketing

Still, talking and listening can still happen with the use of internet marketing, with the use of the keyboard according to Julie V Watson in her book, Great Tips For Your Small Business.

 1. Focus on what your message will be, be thoughtful in what your key points will be and “say” them well in your content.

2. When you are writing, be current in what is happening in your industry, in the community of people you are writing to. Your language will reflect the fact that you are keeping up with the newest trends in your field.  That is important to your customer. When you are able to educate your customer on something that updates them to the product or service they are purchasing. You are adding value to them.  Your marketing is not always about selling something; it is about building your relationship with your customer. This customer loyalty will repay you with repeat business.

3. In your sales materials online, in your capture pages it is very important to be clear about what exactly you are offering to the customer. Do not have hidden charges to be discovered later, or you will find your customer going to another supplier.

Don’t Wait for “Perfect” to Start Building Your Customer Loyalty

If you are brand new at selling on the internet, remember that the process of getting really good at building customer loyalty is similar to the stages of your training in person to person marketing.  You have put yourself out there with a free offer and  solutions to your customer’s problems.  Be willing to  check and and tweak according to the responses you get to your marketing.

 Remember the days when your marketing presentation was not as polished perfect as you would like?  Your sponsor or mentor was there to encourage you to do your best, be yourself and learn from the experience. Do the same online.:-)

Your first work in creating content is not going to be picture perfect. Your internet presentation cannot be developed if you don’t get started with a blog, getting your list started and begin email marketing.  There is training for all of these tools at Daily Marketing Coach  you can learn them at your own pace, don’t limit yourself at all and above all, be yourself.

Your customer loyalty will be developed as you move forward, have fun, be consistent with the effort to put yourself forward on the internet with good communication through the written word and video when you are ready.

If you can possibly get the phone contact of your customers, pick up the phone and have a live conversation with them.  Leave a voicemail with your customer, let them know you are a real person and available to them.

When you get comments at your blog…be sure to answer each and every one addressing your site guest personally.

The old fashion methods of building loyalty with personal contact works…if you can do that via mail or phone do so.

Once you earn customer loyalty, you will find that you will have repeat sales and full engagement with your online marketing. 

I don’t know about you, but that truth energizes me to do whatever it takes to offer my customer my best value always.

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 Pat Lee


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