How to Find Your Hot Market

Niche Market3 Keys To Successful Attraction Marketing

1. Knowing what you are selling and why anybody should buy from you rather than your competitor. You can find out more about that here.
2. Figuring out who you are selling too as in the large group interested in what you are selling and have money to buy from you.  This is called your “niche ” as discussed here.
3.Then you have to pull out from that large group, your niche, your ideal customer. This is the person who’s story you make a complete picture. Write this story out, reread it often, find an image of your Ideal customer and post it near your work space. You want to  understand her/him well so that you can write and create content that makes sense to them.

#3 Key How to Narrow Your Niche

So, let’s spend a few minutes checking out how you can start with identifying your hot market, your niche.
Here is an example of one of the countless possibilities for a niche.
Let’s say you have a product targeted for young men with athletic agility.  Well that’s a huge market. You have to narrow that down because you’ll be marketing to no one.
So you decide to target men in competitive sports and still do not get any response from your blog posts, social media, even paid advertising.
The niche is still not narrow enough.  You haven’t zeroed in on a small enough group of athletes.
Your passion is soccer, you love to play soccer, watch soccer, read about the elite players, you follow the world of soccer online in forums.  You know how soccer players and fans think.
It seems limiting, a little scarey, but you decide to market to university aged and recreational league women soccer players .
That seems like a very tight niche.

How Having a Tight Niche Directs Your Business

Know you know clearly:
A. What interests your ideal customer
B. Where they hang out online
C. How to engage them on social media.
D. You can participate meaningfully in their conversations
E. Your blog has clear design directions to appeal to your Ideal Customer
F. You know what to write that will be of value to your Ideal customer.
Even though you think there is lots of competition online in the world of soccer, just watch, you will find a gap in the information posted that you alone can fill.
You can build your business paying special attention. To your hot market, your niche.
Knowing your niche, your Ideal Customer gives direction to all your marketing. Your blog, compelling offer, graphics, topics to write on in all online spaces is directed to your Ideal Customer in the niche you have identified.
The fact that you are also working in your passion gives you new energy that makes content creation fun almost effortless.

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