How to Get your Marketer’s Gold Medal Mindset

Give Me 10 Minutes to Show You How You Can Train Your Mind for Success

How to Get your Marketer’s Gold Medal MindsetThis post will show you 3 ways to get started to be an Elite Marketer

  1.   Taking inventory of your strengths and weaknesses.   Realize how to turn weak points into strengths
  2.   Recognizing the potential of using systems and tracking as tools for efficient performance.
  3.    Habits that work to keep you focused on your goals, giving you awareness of marketing  opportunities.

The decision to become a successful marketer is very much like making a decision to be an elite athlete. Just like an athlete, a marketer has to take careful inventory of their abilities.

  •  What are they good at?
  • Where are their weaknesses?
  • How should all their efforts in training be directed?
  • Who will be their best coach?
  • What needs to happen to prepare them for setbacks with an attitude of getting up and dusting off again to re-enter training and competition?

All of these steps in preparation are necessary to be an achiever in marketing. Even to the point of awareness of physical health habits.

Do You Make These Time Management Mistakes?

Marketers harness the creative energy of their brain rather than the strength and flexibility of their bodies. But, using their brain takes a huge amount of energy and discipline. Just like an athlete, it is necessary to set up a regimen of systematic work habits. Time is one of our most valuable gifts and tools. Once it is spent…there is no ROI, in the time bank…it’s gone.

  •  Successful marketers make sure their day, their week and month is preplanned.
  • Accountability systems are put in place with data tracking to make sure business activities are performing.

Without these check and balances sales rates, a marketer cannot measure success. The elite athletic is measured against the clock, the distance, the weight…Marketers are measured against the sales conversions. Being systematic is critical to keeping in touch with performance. A marketer’s mindset has to embrace that discipline.

Is your business day unstructured? Are you easily distracted by Social Media or other activities that pull you way from the business tasks at hand that you are tracking?  Are you running your business without any tracking methods?

Work Your Business like a Elite Professional

Elite Athletes spend their training time, their recovery time around peers, coaches, friends who are believe in their success. They know that the path to Gold Medal performance is a long and driving effort. These athletes minimize distractions from that goal. Likewise, in marketing, it is necessary to maintain a mindset that is focused on success. That means what?

  • Right, be among like-minded business people who believe in your success.
  • Read books, articles, listen to trainings that foster the attitude of accepting the tasks at hand Refusing to allow naysayers to deter you in your business goals.
  • Successful marketers actively nurture a positive mindset with daily reading that centers their attitude for the day. Another discipline.

Being aware, how far from the finish line? Who is pacing with me? How is my body leaning into the race? The elite athlete has an acute awareness of all that is going on around them at all times. They watch videos of their competitors looking for patterns of behavior, any sign of weakness. The marketer develops an acute awareness of his/her world around them.  They see with new eyes watching for the cause and effect of how people respond to advertisement, to stimuli of all five senses.  The marketer is always on the lookout for ways to improve their message in marketing.  They become aware that what is put into marketing has the power to influence people’s behavior.  They want to be fine tuned in accomplishing a laser targeted response to sales copy and ultimately sales. A marketer does not slack off in being attuned to the media, coffee shop… the market place.

Having a marketer’s mindset is a discipline. The athlete thrills their country in bringing home the Gold Medal. Similarly, the responsible elite marketer has the power to change their world around them with the impact of their business.

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Pat Campbell

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