How to Keep Those Creative Juices Flowing

How to Keep Those Creative Juices Flowing

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Does It Seem Like A Whirlpool?

With thoughts swirling around and round but not finding an outlet to create?

As an entrepreneur, it is tempting when that period of feeling stuck comes to simply say…”it’s too hard”.  “Why am I expecting more when I have to work so hard for little results?”

My friend, kick those thoughts to the curb!  Life offers you so much more…don’t come to the end of the day, week, season…even your life with regrets of those things you did not do!

How to Get Direction Again!

You can take control, using creative triggers to keep you moving forward.

What are creative triggers?  Let me explain more in this 2 minute video.

The patterns you can see when reviewing your journal; or asking a close support person about productive times; or reviewing your monthly activities. You can recognize patterns that cause “the light-bulb to turn on ” and your energy to go up.  You will see what helps you return to your business and get stuff done.

Keep Those Creative Juices Turned On

Once you see patterns that inspire action, repeat them!  Schedule them into your workday or week.  Is it:

  • reading business magazines
  • personal growth books/training
  • team meetings
  • networking meetings
  • exercise at any level
  • time with family
  • time with mentor/coach
  • nap
  • group supports
  • sales presentations

Whatever you see as the key to turning attention to business and having new ideas, new energy to put into action, put that to use for you! Pursue those creative triggers on purpose!

If you have identified your creative trigger(s), share a comment below 🙂
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