How to Market Smarter Knowing Your Ideal Client

Your Marketing Misses the Target

If You Don’t Know Your Ideal Client

How to Market Smarter Knowing Your Ideal Client


There is some figuring out to do first.  You have to figure out who all the activity is for…it’s not about you that’s for sure.

So who directs all your planning, designing, building the content of your online business?

Yes, you got it right.  It’s your Ideal Client

Attraction Marketing drawing your Ideal Client to the information you are to create.

In order to do that…you have to get inside of how that person is thinking.  If they are going to land on your content…that content has to be created with them in mind.

It is not about writing to your interests or your style.  It’s all about the prospect that is coming to you.

Your prospect is your most important factor in all of your marketing. Your prospect directs your writing, how you present information, where you advertise, how you deliver information. 

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

So what do you need to find out? Here is a short list of questions you want to be thinking about and finding solid answers:

  1. Who are your customers?
  2. What are those customers thinking about?
  3. What needs do your customers have that you can meet? 
  4. What time have you spent figuring out who your target market is and what they want?
  5. What language does your target market most likely respond to?
  6. How do they want their information given? Do they prefer video, text, audio –a combination?
  7. Do they purchase online, or prefer a bricks and mortar business?
  8. Is your marketing sensitive to your customer?
  9. What keywords are your customers searching? 
  10. Where do they hangout online
  11. Does your Ideal Client have money to spend on your product/service?

Consumer Driven Marketing

Once you have identified exactly who it is you are marketing to, keep the needs of your

Ideal Client Thinking


customer uppermost in your mind. The consumer of your product or service is the central focus in your Business Funnel Map strategy.

When you are writing content, your Ideal  Client should feel like you have been sitting at their kitchen table, or living room sofa.

Your sales messages should have an uncanny sense that you are speaking directly to them.

You can do that when the homework is done to understand who your Ideal Client is and what they want.


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  1. Pat, thanks for a great reminder to evaluate my Ideal Client to improve my marketing strategy. I’m very excited about a new tool I am using to communicate and track prospect participation in the communication. Applying what you have shared will help me create more focused campaigns.

    • Cinda, enough cannot be said about knowing and understanding the needs of your Ideal Client. Any work you can do to narrow your target market will enhance your success. Glad you benefited from the post and thank you for your comment.

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