How to SafeGuard Your Online Business

How to SafeGuard Your Online BusinessDo You Stop To Think About SafeGuarding Your Identity?

In the excitement of getting your business online, buying your domain, putting up that first website do you know there are some simple steps to take to make sure you and your family are more protected?

Are you aware that even in the signup process for you domain name, that you may be putting your home and family at risk?

How can you be certain when you are posting family pictures in Social Media, that you cannot be traced to your home address?

In your enthusiasm to celebrate your family, do you put information online that may put them in harms way?

Watch this video that explains why you want to be thinking about safeguards as you set up your online business.

With This SafeGuard in Place, You can Sleep Better!

Michelle has experience looking up very public facing information and disclosing details most people online would not want known.

She explains a very simple first step to take to protect yourself…

Doesn’t that feel good that you can go back and retrace your steps to change your online “footprint” to achieve better privacy?

To have that simple safeguard in place?

I was sure thankful for that!

Are You Ready to Safeguard Your Home and Family?

Now Michelle explains further about how she can help anyone online to take steps to put safeguards in place to protect your online privacy.

You can have instant access to this information by going hereFor less than the price of 2 Drive Through meals…you can do a lot to secure your online footprint…keep your home safe.

This is not an affiliate product…I don’t earn any money referring you to Michelle’s Online Safety Kit

I simply want you and  your family safe as you build your online business.

So check out the Online Safety Kit here.

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