How to Save Money With a Small Market

Narrow Casting#2 Key to Successful Online Attraction Marketing.

The next key to figure out is who it is you are actually going to focus on in your marketing.  This step has two parts.

You have to know who your audience is going to be.  Thinking that you can spread your marketing message out to the masses is not going to bring customers to your business.  For that matter, it likely won’t even bring attentive readers to your content.

Getting the Attention of Your Ideal Customer

Curt Johnson explains it well in his post.  He refers back to the days when we used to have to get off the couch to change the TV channels! There were so few channels that with a small investment in advertising, you could  “broadcast” your message to thousands of attentive listeners. Listen to a 2 minute audio Curt does on why we have to narrow our broadcasting now to a very specific group of people.

There used to be 3 networks on TV, now there are 17K channels on cable. Early in the day, there were 1400 Radio stations and now there are 14K. People are exposed to 8K pieces of advertising per day. They see name recognition everywhere on products, bumper stickers, billboards, pop-up ads and more.  

Well, do they actually “see” them or do they just look at them and subconsciously register facts?  Companies like Giecko spend $3 per man, woman and child in the USA to develop name recognition.  That’s a budget of over 3B dollars.  A little out of my scope…what about yours?

“Narrow Casting ” to Your Niche for Online Success

The point I’m making is that in today’s world, the average person has an attention span of about 9 seconds to begin with.  Put that together with an immunity to ads…that is seeing so much, they don’t pay any attention anymore, it puts the business owner in the position of being very specific and creative in their business plan to catch their attention.

That is why, when setting up your business online, taking the time to sort out the answers to these questions pays off big time.  It saves you lots of time and money.  I’ll tell you also, that you might not get it just right the first time and that’s ok.  You have to begin somewhere and every step you take is an education. But, I don’t want you throwing money out the window!

So, rather than “broadcasting” your message to the masses, consider “narrow casting” to a small, attentive group of targeted customers.

The term used for referring to who you’re marketing to is called a niche.  This is the larger group of people you have identified as being likely to be interested in your product or service.

In selecting this group, or niche there are several factors to consider.

Who would be interested in what I have to offer them as a free gift?

Does this group have enough money to buy what I’m selling to them?

Is the group large enough to provide a customer base to sell to?

There may be other considerations to make, but this is a start.

#3 Key is discussed in this post.  Check it out.


Pat Lee

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