How to Save Time and Money in Your Business

Part 2 Interview with Natasha Hazlett:  Why Working Alone Does Not Save Time and Money

How to Save Time and Money in Your Business When I started out in the online space, I tried to figure it out on my own.  That was many years ago.  It didn’t work for me.  Yes I had training materials and even an “over my shoulder” tutorial course.

What I found was that when I got stuck on a techie thing…I was stuck, there was no one to put a question in front of. A few rounds of this and I was done.

How many times have you purchased what sounded like just what you needed to get the job done. Only to find out that while the content wasdelivered as promised…the support was non existent when the instructions began sounding like “Greek”.

Find a Coach and A Community to Save Time and Money

Here’s what Natasha has to say about the value of having a coach and a community.  She has found in her course, Branded, that students who stay close to her as a coach and participate in the Facebook group make steady, sure progress.  It’s not lightning speed, but neither are they quitting!

Catch this short video:

So you see, Natasha understands clearly how to set up students of her course Branded, for success. Working alone does not save time and money.  She nurtures of  culture of  support, feedback, fun within her FaceBook community which we have fondly named ” The Ranch”!! 🙂

For me, I started my journey with Branded and within 6 months Natasha and I worked closely together to identify my Niche ,USP and I had identified my Ideal Customer knowing these 3 keys gave me the directions to design and build this blog which has taken shape over 11 months.  I know that’s not instant…but neither is it 8 years of wandering and it certainly has saved me time and money!

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    • Stella, I know that working within the Branded community, staying close to the training and Doing the work is pushing me forward.
      I love watching your content as you build your business and share with the Branded community.

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