How to Save Time and Money, Manage Online Scheduling Free

How Online Scheduling Saves You Time and

Makes You Money


 Managing your customer relations well with your customers and business partners is the lifeline of your business. One of the services you can provide to them is a means of scheduling appointments conveniently. There are many features of Genbook, a free online tool, that will enhance your customer service while making best use of your time.

As your business grows, being free to direct your time and work to direct business building tasks is slowed down by the time it takes to create appointments:

  • Playing phone tag
    Managing Appointments
  • email tag 
  • text tag can become time consuming.
  • Struggling with communication can possibly result in loosing the opportunity to stay in touch with the customers and business partners that are priority to you.

You can enhance customer loyalty by providing a convenient, online tool to book time to speak with you about product use and needs. Building your business with your business partners with Genbook encourages initiative on the new business owner to book time with you for training and accountability.

Is Managing Your Appointment Schedules Important to You?

Benefits of GenbookGenbook button

  1. Use of Genbook gives you full control of your availability online and with that flexibility to manage your entire business.
  2. Convenience of appointment booking will result in an increase in traffic to your business from your customers.
  3. As a business owner, your time is focused on client needs; services and continued actions to grow your business rather than booking appointments.
  4. Customer reviews are saved to your Genbook page for others to see and promotes them across the Internet.
  5. Genbook gives your business a professional look with their design that will fits readily into your sites.
  6. You are able to provide better customer service with the private 24/7 booking; auto-generated email confirmation and reminder service
  7. This service is available for free for unlimited time with no obligations. Enhanced services can be added as your business grows. Ideal  for small business owners
  8. Business owners can view a real-time calendar to avoid double bookings.
  9. No hidden costs for basic free version.

Genbook is Risk Free, Manage Online Scheduling Free

Using Genbook is risk free in that there are no set up fees or contract. The business owner may upgrade or downgrade their service package independently without penalty.

Pricing varies between three packages each having an increasing service functionality.

Fees are modest ranging from Free; $19.95/month or $39.95/month at this time.Detailed information on   packages is provided at their website Genbook .

Basic Features of Genbook

  1. Unlimited numbers of bookings you can receive. You are able to promote your Genbook function to your entire team, prospects, business community. This will assist to increase your customer relations at their convenience.
  2. Multiple staff members are able to set up their booking calendar on the same Genbook service.
  3. Free Genbook button to upload easily to your web presence.
  4. Email notification /confirmation of appointments are sent to both you and your client/prospect.  A reminder email is also sent the day of the appointment.
  5. The business owner is able to manually block windows of time when appointments cannot be made.
  6. Appointments can be made as far as 4 weeks in advance with free Genbook.
  7. Customer reviews serve to promote your business on the Internet.
  8. Analytics to see how customer response to your business, gives you data to optimize and continue to grow your business.
  9. Genbook support system to answer all questions.
  10.  Business data is secured and backed-up

An additional summary of features of Genbook  listed  at their website for the small business owner, to assist with customer relationship management:

  • Automates your scheduling
  • Attracts & retains customers
  • Maximizes your schedule
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Promotes your reputation
  • Grows your business

Genbook is ready to make your business scheduling management convenient, mobile, effective.

You can get started here:  Genbook


Note:  Although I would recommend this product even if there wasn’t a monetary incentive, I must disclose to you that this link will go to an affiliate site, so if you choose to upgrade from free to purchase this  product, you will be passing on a commission to me…thank you.






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