How Will You Support Your New Customer?

Customer Relationship Management Is VIP to Your Business

How Will You Support Your New Customer?Managing customer relationships is different for each business owner. You bring to the table your own style and experience in managing your business and business relationships.  This discussion is solely for a springboard of thought for you who are brand new to managing your Home Based Business and are looking for some guidelines.

Action Steps for Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

The following are action steps as simply a guideline for managing your relationships with your customers once they have joined your team.

Step One: ” Talk”  With Your Customer Regularly for CRM

Regular Communication is the first priority in building your customer relationship management action plan. Remember how you provided value and stayed connected with this individual over time until they made a decision to buy or join your team? You had appropriate, regular communication with them.

Communication does not end with the sale or partnership.
This is the time to establish a stronger rapport. This is the time to nurture customer loyalty and provide business training for the new partner.

You are the person these people turn to for guidance in using the product well and/or growing their business. Make a commitment to yourself that each of your new team members will know that you have an open line of communication with them.
In this day of e-communication, it’s tempting to avoid the phone.  I’mHow Will You Support Your New Customer? going to suggest that you make your phone your friend.  Your customer knows, likes and trusts you!  They will be glad to get a phone call from you. A live conversation will give you huge credibility as a real person interested in them as a customer or business partner. Pick up the phone and call!
Using email is still a expected and standard means of customer relationship management with your customers.  Your email marketing will provide a means to continue to provide solutions to what your customer needs. Give good value with links to content that adds a bonus of information to the reader. Email marketing builds relationships 24/7.

In each email have only one action you want them to take, whether it’s a visit to a great blog post at your blog and leave a comment, go to your Facebook Fanpage and interact with you there…or even buy something from you.
Be sure to make it clear how they can reach you and when. Your contact information should be included in every email for easy reference.

Step Two: Scheduling Communication

Scheduling your communication in your daily action steps will, in time, make this part of your business run smoothly, you will have fun with it while keeping yourself “in front” of your customer or business partner. Certainly, you are not talking with every team member every day, but on a regularly scheduled basis

In some way, on no less than a monthly basis, your customer will appreciate hearing from you. Your phone call will especially be helpful to ensure their product needs are met. Your business partners will require closer contact for purposes of training.

Three Must Have Emails:

(a) Each new customer receives an immediate welcome/thank you letter from the auto responder service you use. Include your contact information for their convenience.

(b)Within the first week of your new team member being on board, email a value based newsletter teaching your customer about product use, your company, inside information on services they have access to.

(c)Be sure that in the first month your customers are reminded that they may contact you for any question. Appointments for conversation can be nicely managed with free Genbook software.

You can invite you customers/business partners to join you on your social networking site. This enables them to view current updates on your status. They can contact you directly and you can make them aware quickly of events they can attend with you.

Plan to call your customer base on a regular basis. The purpose of the call is simply a reconnect for updates on customer satisfaction; customer service needs that change that you can address.

Step Three: Train Your Leaders in Customer Relationship Management

As your team numbers grow beyond personal telephone contact, have a plan to train your business partners to assist with this kind of customer relationship management.

Your daily action steps model for your business partners how you conduct business. Early in your working relationship with partners, delegate some of the team contact support tasks to them.

Mentoring in this systematic way will ensure that your customer base will continually receive personal contact and support no matter how large your business grows.
There are many variations to how this can be done to fit your business, your personality. Have fun with the process and network with others on what works and does not work for you.

How Will You Support Your New Customer?




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