Gary Bradt on Keeping Balance and Values in Right Order was given a book recently by my very good friend Natasha Hazlett.  I consumed the book while flying home from an event with her in Boise, Idaho.

What caught my attention is Gary’s vulnerability to share with me his fears, pain of loss, anger in the life and death moments of his first born son’s life. Gary worked through that experience and tells in his book how he and his wife embraced life differently.

The Ring in the Rubble…an interesting name…is a book that reminds the reader of the importance of keeping balance in the work of building your business, your relationships, your health.

When I got the book, I had just worked through 11 months of intense training and implementation for my business. I realized that my life had gotten lopsided regarding the important relationships in my life. “The Ring in the Rubble” is a timely reminder that our central relationships are there for the long-term.  No matter who that person is…they are there for you when difficult times come, when busy times keep you running hard… Gary speaks to the importance of making time for that person in your life.

Gary Bradt tells the story of how sometimes in the midst of challenges, it requires pulling a team of people around you to find the  good in a hard situation…to problem solve and find “the ring in the rubble”.  Consider the people  you have in your team, in your life who will come alongside to find and celebrate success with you in difficult times.

There are many success stories of “failing forward”.  Gary includes an example of finding “fortune in failure” .  Rather than giving up on all efforts to achieve, to find success…he gives strategies to switch a downturn to a new opportunity.

This little book is a wealth of practical tips to implement to your business, and life to appreciate what is most important in the journey to your personal success.

In a nutshell…he focuses on balance in our lives and staying true to the core values we embrace.

Both of those things will build a solid foundation in everything we do, I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book, The Ring In The Rubble, by Gary Bradt,  for your library so that you can understand and  implement strategies for balance in your business.

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