Keeping It Narrow

Keeping It Narrow

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Approaching Your Work with Tunnel Vision!

It’s so refreshing to approach your day and business building venture with tunnel vision.  Keeping it narrow…focusing on the goals you have set, using a visual reminder of the order of things to get done.

Keep the Focus

Until you can check off your list as complete, celebrate your goal as done, keep all the other stimuli coming at you contained.  You’ll have plenty of distractions trying to steer you away from the narrow focus you have made.  Take your power over that.

Feels Good Eh!

It feels good to know that you can recognize when too much is too much and it’s not serving you! Simply create rules for emails to go into assigned folders for viewing intentionally.  Choose to unsubscribe from some lists if they don’t serve you.  Set a designated time for social media.

It’s about focus, action and results for your personal growth and business!

Enjoy the journey :-)!
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