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Pat Lee Campbell Having a “BuyIN” on Goals

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Do you know where you’re heading in your business? Can you see in 4-8-12 months what reach your business will have, your income changes, lifestyle changes you are experiencing? Are you leading your team from within…rather than pushing from behind or pulling from the front?

Are you having fun bringing your team along with you “for the ride”?

These kinds of celebrations happen because you have taken care to set objectives. Not “loose cannon” goals that can end up any where, but carefully thought out, measured changes.

Doing More With a Team

It is assumed the first intention is to build a team of like minded business associates. Hey, you can’t do this alone, network marketing is about building “networks”. In my business, which includes a huge element of Social Entrepreneurism, growing a team impacts the good that is done. Growing your reach in business as far as you can, allows you to do the greatest good.

Then the next key is giving your team the opportunity to  work with you to set the objectives. Setting those goals from the bottom up in your team creates a sense of team ownership of success.

Setting Clear Goals Not “Loose Cannons”

Decide what can be measured. Will it be sales volume? Income increases? Increased # of people attending live events? A tracking method that measure steps of personal development?

Once the team knows what the objectives are, create a strategic plan to have team leaders really take ownership of these goals. Trying to set team goals without the buyin of team leaders agreeing to the plan, is a huge opportunity missed.

This is a window of opportunity to discover and develop talent within your group. This level of leadership is unique in entrepreneurism.

More on that in the next post.





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