Life is Too Short!

When Was The Last Time You Went for …?

Life is Too Short!Well, I’m talking about how we as online marketers find ourselves in front of our computer screens for hours at a time.

Many, if not most of us are doing as Jim Rhone said ” working full-time to pay my bills and part-time building my fortune”!  That means we are juggling full-time job schedules, maybe family commitments, volunteer activities along with our Direct Sales, MLM and or online business.

Being a student of the Internet Marketing space and Attraction Marketing is another whole commitment to a learning curve that had me firmly planted on my computer chair.  How about you?

Life Is Too Short

Our physical health requires that we change things up.

Take an inventory of the time spent daily at your desk, working on your tablet …wherever.  How much are you moving?

I’ve heard marketing trainers teach about the importance of moving at least every 30-40 minutes to allow the brain space to take a break, get new perspective and come back to work more productive.  That is the cerebral brain! lol

But in addition to productivity…this article is focusing on balance in the space of relationships.

When was the last time you went for coffee or tea with a friend or even with your significant other? Really, it’s so easy to take your most important relationships for granted when immersed in the learning curve of Internet Marketing.

Reflections on Making Time

Pay Attention to the Little Voice

I know that I felt like a hermit for a period of time.  In the video, I talked about making time to see extended family.  That’s important but living across the country makes that a different dynamic.

But what about those relationships you have in your neighborhood, your church, your circle of friends ( you do still have some right?).  Making the time to connect in real time, face to face, no electronics is healing, grounding important stuff.

For that matter…your business may flourish when you actually have real bodies in your life engaged with what you are doing. 🙂

I’m certainly talking to myself as I write this.  Hey…if this resonates with you, please leave a comment below.

Maybe we’ll do coffee someday! lol




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