Make A Mountain into a Molehill…

Make A Mountain into a Molehill...

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Take Your Big Project…Break It Down

It’s awesome to have a big goal before you to direct your focus and energy.  I have one right now that spans 60 days.  If I took on all the tasks before me in one day or even week, I’d quit before I started.

But here’s the deal. You can set your goal…make it big.


Back engineer.  In other words figure out what actions you have to take to accomplish your goal.  Map those actions out in chunks of time. On a calendar, your day-timer, whiteboard…notebook…schedule the action steps you want to do.

Look at each step and determine what you need to get it done. Does it involve team members to delegate too? Do you need to make a plan with your family? Are there resources to gather? Are there steps to get training for? Get your best tools.  Make your plan.  Share that plan with those closest to you then get started!

Now that big project is changed from a looming mountain to just tiny molehills to step over.  You are in charge. You are getting stuff done molehill by molehill!

Moving Mountains into Molehills

Taking Charge

Don’t let that big project stop you dead in your tracks! Take charge and celebrate each item crossed off your list.

Comment below if this makes sense for you:-)

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    • Hey! Glad that this was a good reminder that you can take control and get stuff done! Thanks for your comment.

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