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How Blogging Simplified Live Ensures Your Success

When I started blogging I knew that I would need of a good teacher.  I am comfortable with writing, and a lot of the components of working in the online space, but I had no experience with setting up my own personal blog.

Marsha Godwin Makes Blogging SimplifiedAs a member of Daily Marketing Coach (DMC) I have access to Marsha’s thorough trainings on setting up a blog, however, for me there was some over the shoulder training I was looking for.  I found Blogging Simplified Live (BSL) as an add on training product within the Daily Marketing Coach (DMC) platform and realized this was just what I was looking for.

I quickly realized  the value of the course far outweighed the one time cost.

What Blogging Simplified Live Offers the New Blogger

Here is the course list of features and benefits as I experienced them.

  1.    6 Recorded Classes so that you can study and implement on your timetable multiple times.
  2.    2 Q&A Recorded Webinars that offer live answers to pre-submitted or live questions.
  3.     2 Blog Critique Recorded Webinars allowing for free feedback on your blog development as you request it.
  4.     Recorded Planning and Introduction Webinar so that you can prepare and minimize overwhelm.
  5.     Checklists, PDFs and other support materials, these alone are worth the cost of the course.
  6.     Bonus Videos, Marsha over delivers clearly.
  7.    One hour of One on One Coaching. A rare service with purchase of products online.
  8.     Premium $80 theme which is an I theme…multiple choices from Builder. A huge bonus.
  9.     Blogging Simplified Facebook Group Page where questions are answered, feedback is given.
  10.      And more…

With a list like that it’s clear that Blogging Simplified Live is a course that new bloggers, and for that matter veteran bloggers will learn a lot from.

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What Others are Saying About Blogging Simplified Live

Phyllis_Ketchum Phyllis Ketchum –  “Newbie or experienced, Marsha explains in an easy to understand way. She is a professional in her approach to helping you attack your technical problems and/or structure. Marsha goes above and beyond in helping someone “get ur done”!”    I can’t thank you enough for the Blogging Simplified Live course.    The time and effort you put in teaching so many of us at the same time was incredible. The personal touch you gave to each of us in our learning curves—all being at a different level—was so appreciated. Blogging was absolutely a brand new adventure to me and you took all the scary parts out with the step by step training you give. You answered so many of our questions in the class and then on the Facebook group you set up.    It made me feel I was never alone in my pursuit of setting up my Blog. I cannot imagine anyone, anyplace offering a better course than the Blogging Simplified Live course you offer.  Again, my sincere thanks.
Randi_Leigh Randi Leigh – “Marsha has a gift for making a seemingly difficult subject (especially for a techie challenged person) much easier to approach. She knows how to break things down and present them in easy to understand lessons in Blogging Simplified Live.  Overall, Marsha is a fabulous teacher!”
Carol_Holder Carol Holder Just got off Marsha Godwin’s Blogging Simplified Live training course. Even if you already have your blog set-up, purchase this course. I repeat. Purchase this course. Marsha is a superb, reassuring teacher. Her course gently slides you into blog ACTION! The course literally stimulates your thought processes, gets your “thought juices” flowing and helps you see not only the big picture for yourself but also how all the blog pieces fit together and fall into place.   The nuggets of information Marsha continually drops will speed up your learning curve and site’s monetization potential ten-fold. Expect to be propelled into ACTION when taking this course!

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As a new student of Blogging Simplified Live, you will quickly see the benefits of the course. I encourage you to take pictures of your blog as you progress to celebrate your successes and development in blogging. 

I look forward to meeting with you in the Blogging Simplified Facebook group page.

Pat Lee

ps: If you choose to purchase the course, as an affiliate, I will earn a few dollars. Thank you in advance.


    • I appreciate your visit and for taking the time to listen to the interview, Anita. I’m glad it was of interest to you.

  1. Pat….

    It is such a pleasure to have you as a Member of Blogging Simplified Live.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do the interview with me and then write this blog post to share the course and your experience with other.

    I have so enjoyed watching your blog develop and grow. Love what you are doing with it…keep up the great job!

    ~ Marsha
    Marsha Godwin recently posted…Instagram Webinar With Daily Marketing CoachMy Profile

    • Thank you Marsha,
      I’ve made it clear that you are instrumental to my progress, and I have yet to implement ALL the teaching you provide. I’ll keep coming back to the course material as I am able to complete the details. I do want others to be aware of how much you over deliver in the course. A huge return on investment for the student.


    • Thanks, Stella I appreciate the time taken to take in the whole interview. Marsha is indeed filling a gap in the blogging process and her niche finds her!

    • Well Ree, as I said in the video, with the learning curve I was on this past spring, without Blogging Simplified Live…My wheels would be spinning, or stuck. Marsha has done a great job with her tutorial process and live supports.

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