Mentoring…Benefits Your Online Business

Mentoring...Benefits Your Online BusinessA Mentor Keeps Your Online Business On Track

Just like this Daddy is making sure all the lines are right, that dog, children are safe, and he is committed himself to their safety in the run…a mentor provides similar oversight.

It’s not that you have to be tethered, not doing anything independently of your mentor like these children with Daddy. But, you can hire someone who has traveled the path before you, who is committed to your success.

Watch how this video personifies a mentor looking out for the fun, safety and success of this adventure…

A Mentor Saves You Time and Money

When you are looking for a mentor…interview them closely to be certain that they have traveled down the path you’re preparing to go.  You want to make sure they know the shortcuts, the pitfalls to avoid and understand what it is you want to accomplish!

A mentor is committed, just like this Daddy in the video to your success.  They aren’t going to be tied to you keeping you from stretching your creative muscles and entrepreneurial spirit…but, a good mentor will guide you through the maze.

Coming online with your business will expose you to tons of courses, products all packaged to promise you success if only you buy them and buy them now.   A good mentor, will evaluate what it is you want to accomplish and refer you to only the products and services that you need to be successful. You can at the least…discuss purchase options with your mentor before you spend the money!

A hired mentor is part of your team. Their role is to provide accountability, direction, teaching new skills in your business. They want you to see a measure of success as soon as possible. Why? Because if you are a happy camper as their client…you will refer other business to them.  So your mentor has a vested interest in your success. That’s a good thing.  It saves you a lot of time.

At least with a mentor, you’re not traveling in circles following one guru after another looking for answers.

Your Success Rides On Your Shoulders, Not the Mentor

It’s true the mentor is committed to helping you all they can for your success, but that ball in is your park!  The teaching, direction, accountability can all be provided but, if you don’t do the work…your mentor is limited.

Coursed left undone.  Action steps avoided. Video training left unopened. Webinar coaching unattended is no fault of the mentor. So keep in mind that this is a team effort. Before you spend subscription costs for mentorship, make up your mind that this is the right time for this work. Make your own commitment to your success.  Talk with the significant others in your life about the time commitment and plan together for these changes.

You can be successful, you can stay clear of disaster in your business when you find and commit to the right mentor.


Pat Lee




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