Moving Your Offline Business … Online…

Offline Business Moving Online is a Big Step

Moving Your Offline Business ... Online...

I know that you might think, well I’ll just use the “cookie cutter” site the company provides me and business will be great.

It’s wonderful to think it might be that easy, but…you need to know that the Search Engines don’t pay any attention to those kinds of sites that are only differentiated from each other by the Sales Rep name.

That means that any advertising you do isn’t going to get much traffic except maybe for Facebook ads. You’ll find though that today’s consumer is pretty quick to recognize a corporate site and not spend much time there.

What are the First Steps to Moving Online from Building Online?

I recently had a conversation with Julee Huston of Boise Idaho.  Julee and her husband Cary, have years of building Network Marketing businesses successfully in the offline space.  Julee was a sought after trainer and motivational speaker for her industry. She spoke internationally for their NWM company encouraging and training for business growth.

Now…Julee is shifting from promoting her company first to building her business around her.  Listen to this short interview about what she sees as the most important task in moving into the Online space with your business.

 Your Online Business Makes You the Top of the Business Strategy Map…

What does that mean?  Just like Julee says, your business is about you first…then your Network Marketing company or Direct Sales.

When you build your brand, you are in control of your destiny. You build your own list, not the companies list. If the rules of your company changes, your interest in their product shifts…then you are still in business. You can find additional opportunities to create income streams to your home that you have control over.

Here’s a simple illustration.  To explain:  You are the product!  Does that sound scarey?  I’m sure it does…but think of it this way…Do you want a business you control long term?  Are you willing to do the work to find how you can brand yourself?  In the end, you are the CEO of your business, that’s a big responsibility, but it’s also Freedom to live life on your terms. Moving Your Offline Business ... Online... Moving Online Works Best with TeamWork…Find a Mentor

The road to moving your business online can be a bumpy, winding road that works a lot better if you get yourself a mentor.  Someone who is going to make sure your build a solid foundation to your business. Someone who has stubbed her toe and more in the effort to get Online.  Someone who has arrived at the destination and knows the path to creating your own Irresistible Brand.  Julee and I met at the Live Event of our mentor Natasha Hazlett.

Natasha has created a beginner’s guide to creating your own brand. Check out this 6 minute video where Natasha gives you all the goods in what she has to offer you in her Irresistible Brand Blueprint webinar.

Moving Your Offline Business ... Online...

Pat Lee


    • Following your heart, creating a full relationship with your customer in your brand…to result in repeat sales. Thank you for your visit Arispe.

  1. Hi Pat, Not only do I agree I endorse your post! Branding you and building your business is key to your success as a online entrepreneur. Are you advertising you or your company? If you are online you need to maximize your brand by syndicating yourself and going out there and standing above all the rest of the “noise out there” I totally recommend a dose of both online and offline strategies… I believe in maximizing your environment and at the end of the day its about getting traffic to you and your site…
    Traffic >> Leads >> Conversions >> Sales.
    Scott Lindstrom

    • And Scott…I’m right with you. Syndicating…paid traffic are key to being in business. Online marketing means being consistent with the work to see conversion rates add up.

      Thanks for the visit, comment and endorsement.

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