Pay Per Click Ads Provide Targeted Results

Rich_part_2This is the second part of an interview I had with Rich Hazlett of Boise Idaho, Co Owner with his wife Natasha, of Fast Forward Marketing. Listen to the first half of the video here.

As Rich explains in the video, making a decision to use paid advertising is like having a “missile guided rocket” where you can assess the best destination for the best results for your business.

Here is part two of my interview with Rich on Pay Per Click Ads and what he is considering in the way of ensuring success with the use of paid traffic to your business.

Rich Hazlett brings years of both Executive Advertising expertise and Online Marketing expertise to the table. He knows what he is teaching works because he does it every day. Rich is sought after as a trainer for PPC advertising in leading the training platform of Daily Marketing Coach.

Begin now with accessing his training in Social Media PPC where he had consistent results building his personal business successfully. Get his training here.



Pat Lee




    • Good evening Anthony, PPC can be a moving target with rule and strategy changes. I recommend expert coaching and traffic sourcing to avoid expense and those mine fields you mentioned.

    • Patrick,
      Thank you for taking the time to sit through that interview. Rich is a master at optimizing PPC. If you are interested in how to connect with him for more insights to investing in PPC effectively, let me know.
      Have a great day.


    • Hey, glad this made sense for you. Being able to put your message in front of a targeted audience looking for the solutions you provide is just good business. Thanks for your visit and comment.

    • Anita, I know you and FB are very comfortable doing business together and I look to you too for expert teaching on the topic. Thanks for your visit and comment. Pat

      • Martha, the process to getting ready to place an ad is long…There is a journey to have your online content set up, figure out who you are marketing to and then have the marketing path to have people connect with you.

        But I can tell you, I’ve had over 100 people respond to my ad in a day. They gave me their contact info for future communications. 🙂

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