Playing it Safe or On the Edge?

purple cowSeth Godin in his remarkable little book tells great stories that clearly shows the shifts in change in how marketing works. He gives examples of companies trying to survive throwing money at an advertising budgets that no one is paying attention to!

Rather than play it safe with all that is familiar…he urges companies, business owners to  be on the edge.

He sets a good case for the need to break out of doing the same thing over and over and look for new ways to market your product and service.

This little book is packed with insights on why and how to get the attention of those who buy and tell everyone else about their purchase…starting a wave of sales! ( and he has a very apt term for them!)

Godin spends a lot of words telling stories and setting the stage for actually listening to what the customer wants and then delivering goods to meet that demand.  Novel idea!

Why Purple Cow…what is the story behind how that thought idea became this remarkable little book?

Let me give you the setting….

For a quick read…you can pick up this “remarkable” book here! 🙂

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