Pulling Back the Curtain on The Secret To Online Business Success

Learning the Secrets: Part 1 Interview with Natasha Hazlett

Pulling Back the Curtain on The Secret To Online Success It’s interesting to talk with a veteran marketer like Natasha Hazlett who has been in the industry for 7 years.  In 2012 she was able to quite her full time attorney job to work full time with her husband in their online business.

Natasha shares how she realized that there were some basic lessons new marketers to the online space were missing.

It’s not that those who were earning full-time and more incomes hadn’t implemented these steps, it’s just that they moved past them too quickly in teaching their subscribers and customers to get on to the sexier tools of marketing like traffic, video marketing, Social Media training and the like.

Three Questions are Foundational to Online Business Success

When Natasha asked her peers the questions she believes are foundational to building an online business, they knew the answers like the back of their hand.  They had done the work themselves.  They know it’s important first steps to take.

Watch this video to hear what you want to be paying attention to first when you are considering coming online with your business.

Does that makes sense to you?

Natasha has spent thousands of dollars getting the best training available in Online Marketing.  She knows the pitfalls new marketers face face as they build online.

If you’re ready to:

  • become really clear on what it is you are selling
  • find out which audience is your target market
  • determine why they should buy from you, how do you differ from your competitors

Natasha’s 8 class course Branded will give you the tools and supports to propel you towards success. You learn at your own pace at your convenience online, but not by yourself. Natasha has a dynamic private Facebook group for community feedback and support.

If you’re interest in more information about personal branding and what’s best for you…schedule a free Strategy Session with me to find out how to get started with Natasha and her Branded community.

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Here’s to generating leads and sales in your business.


You can hear Part 2 of Natasha’s video here! 🙂


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