Pushing Through the Tough Spots

 How are You Managing the Negative Chatter?

It happens to everyone who is in the entrepreneurial space. There are those unwelcome voices that chatter in your ear trying to distract you from your purpose, agenda, time management.
Part of becoming a smart marketer is recognizing the fact that in spite of all your excitement, even results…self sabotaging thoughts will try to throw you off track.  AcknoPushing Through the Tough Spotswledging this is the first step to taking control back. Handling the negative talk may be a little more work.  This is when being in community of some sort is invaluable.
Either being in a community of like minded business people or a small accountability group gives you the freedom to voice your wayward thinking in a safe place. Sometimes just the act of posting the thoughts, telling them to someone puts the negativity in its proper place.  The thoughts lose their power to steal energy, time and productivity from you.

Using the Struggle to Become a Leader

Being a smart marketer takes using these experiences as stepping stones to positioning yourself as a leader.  Our businesses mean that we are working in teams of some sort. When we push through the difficult times successfully, that can be leveraged to encourage your team by being transparent with Pushing Through the Tough Spotsthem.
Leaders are willing and with integrity, out of these experiences, able to demonstrate to their teams that it is possible to stay on track when life throws it’s curves at you.  You will become that leader when you put those undermining thoughts in their place and move on. You will become a stronger person finding it easier to overcome negative chatter and distractions.
Pat Campbell


    • Stella, thank you for your visit and taking the time to comment.it’s true…we have to make choices about how to respond to struggles. We might as well have them work for us!

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