Put Fear in it’s Place

“Flip The Switch” Take Control Back

Our minds are powerful influences in how we conduct our approach to business. I would even say that it is in the mind that our success and determination to stay on track is accomplished.

On the days when everything is clicking into place beautifully, it’s easy to stay focused and action centered.  For me those days are more likely to happen when I prepare for them.  What I mean by that is I have taken some time before the day to make a list of the priorities of that day, to map out what I want to get done. My list gives me incentive to work steadily to cross items off.

When Self-Sabotaging Thoughts Wiggle In

If you ask around, you will find that having negative thoughts crowd your thinking is a common experience among solopreneurs.

Thoughts like:

  • What makes you think you can be successful online when you have minimal success in your business offline?
  • How much more time and money are you going to spend before you see results?
  • When are you going to spend quality time with your family?
  • How can you put such a positive spin on your stuff when you haven’t experienced it yourself?
  • Show me the money!

These and similar unproductive thoughts will often try to undermine your determination to see completion to the setting up of your online business.  You have to be prepared to see them for what they are; simply empty sabotaging language that has no value and equally no weight!

Be sure in your business strategy to plan your computer time in balance with your family’s needs, your personal health needs.

As for success…the fact that you are a student of online marketing…and finding yourself here…a student of Attraction Marketing…if you persist and be consistent, you will have success.

Celebrate the Successes

Celebrate the little successes every day! Each new skill set learned. Celebrate every piece of your online business put in place.Put Fear In It's Place

As I said in the video, you bring something very unique to the online marketing space…someone online is looking for just the message you are posting online to answer a problem they have. 

Don’t let those negative chattering thoughts cause you to fall short of your goal and keep that message silent.

Say to yourself: “this thought is not useful to me and I am not accepting it.” In your mind “Flip the switch” and replace that negative thought with a positive one and move on.

Just as you take charge of your work day…take charge of your mind let it propel you  forward.

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Put Fear in It's Place


    • Yes, Marsha…when we recognize that fear is a common experience…that it has no power, unless we give it power…then is can be “put in it’s place”.

      We have to make a choice to set fears aside, use action steps and gratitude to crowd fears out of our minds.

      thanks for your time to visit and comment. Pat

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