Ready to Hustle or Heading to the Dog Days of Summer?

While Others Yield to the Lull of Summer…

Ready to Hustle or Heading into the Dog Days of Summer?You can decide to push through and make the summer count for your business.  No matter what stage you are in your business, this is the 2nd quarter of the year…quickly summer comes and goes, then we head into the year end…will you lose momentum or gain traction through this season?

Use this time to be with people…build new networks and connections.  Offline and online…ready to hustle?

In the quiet moments of…hey…hammock time…read…read for the purpose of your own personal growth and becoming  stronger in your business.

Using Time for Hustlin’

Hustling or…soaking up the sun,  Guy Kawasaki’s book, “Enchantment” is a must read. Kawasaki uses humor to teach, personal stories to illustrate and practical actions to implement to start making a difference in relationships. This book gives you  keys to attracting more leads and sales to your business by becoming “enchanting” in your business.

He reminds us to smile with “cr

ows feet” around our eyes, a smile that truly engages the emotions; discusses practical tips on personal presentation; he gives a list of 12 qualities of a person who readily earns trust. The book is hard to put down because he writes with enchantment! ( pun intended)!

I was fully engaged and will reread it soon.

High profile marketers …all emphasize the importance of “building a list” by giving valuable content regularly and freely.   Kawasaki gives a practical inventory to take along with assignments to help the reader take early action making an “enchanting” difference in their every day interactions with family, friends, customers giving freely without expecting returns.

Summertime Can be the Time To…:-)

Hustle, putting Guy Kawasaki’s tips into practice in your day to day bumping into people in the park, at the ice cream shop, in Social Media.  Watch how trusting others first results in others trusting you.

Kawaskai writes about showing up regularly in your business offering the best you can for your audience and customers.  This book is full of actionable tips that any business can put to use.

It’s a fast read of 211 pages.  You can get your copy right here!


Ready to Hustle...or Heading into The Dog Days of Summer?

Make the Summer Enchanting

Your copy of this book, Enchantment, gives you tips, stories and tools to draw customers to your business…enjoy the hustle.:-)




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