Results Don’t Happen Easily

leadership-urgencyDoes that disappoint you?

It surprised Kim!

In this interview she reveals her surprise that years of corporate habits fell by the wayside in retirement.

She soon recognized what she had to do in order to realize her goals for her online business.

Even though she got up at the crack of dawn every day with her internal clock…some of the other disciplines slipped.

This cost her time.

Listen to Kim’s story here…

Once Kim recognized how easy it was to slip into non productive habits, she pulled the training from years of practice and put it work for her for her own business.

The point?

Be Organized

Know what you want to accomplish each day. Even if your list is less than a half dozen things…check marks beside them means you showed up for yourself. It also means step by step progress in your business.

That is if you know where you’re going!

Light Bulb Moment

That leads to Kim’s second light bulb moment.

Your online right?
How long have you been looking for answers for a successful online business?
How many optimistic purchases have you made of courses that for some you haven’t even opened never mind implemented?

That was Kim’s experience.

She’s a fantastic “Googler” researching answers. But as she admits…it’s so easy to lose focus…heading down long “rabbit holes” of information.

It took a number of years watching Natasha Hazlett in action as an online Business Coach and Consultant before Kim committed to working with her. Remember the “rabbit holes”?


But she came back often and saw consistent results in Natasha’s community and delivery of quality products and service.

Now an avid customer of Natasha’s services, Kim is laser focused on her niche and self branded product. The “blinders” are on realizing steady progress toward her end goal to serve her chosen target audience.

If you’re ready to stop traveling down “rabbit holes” to get laser focused on your business…connect with me for a brief bonus strategy session so you can begin making progress!
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