Saving Money With Team Alignment

Save Money With Team AlignmentStaying on the Same Page

CEO Job Description Point 5

As the CEO of your solopreneur business or team business, maintaining organization is very important for productivity.

I’m not suggesting keeping your desk tidy, having your rolodex in order or calendar full.

It’s more about building an alignment with your team about values that influence how the team moves forward towards success.

Individually, when you come to a place where it is clear in your mind what your mission and values are for your business, you know what action to take.

As a team leader, being in agreement is the CEO responsibility to talk with leaders. Find out where the common ground is and create a team strategy that helps every one move towards goals with tandem effort.

Building Alignment Within Your Business

Tune Ups and Adjustments

Even though you make every effort to keep yourself on the track chosen distractions take over. You work with your team leaders to communicate the agreed goals, strategies down through your organization and still find folks off doing their own thing.

I’m not talking about dictatorship or anything like that…but when a team is operating their businesses in many directions…team growth is elusive. Which means individual success takes longer.

As CEO, the responsibility is to call what you see as it is giving direction to make changes to come back into alignment with the agreed plan.

Like similar tune ups…at the chiropractor…physio…physical trainer…this can hurt, but the benefit soon puts the pain in the background.

Align Your Business Even if it Hurts

Somebody has to do the tough stuff and it falls on the CEO.  But your team will thank you later.

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