Select You! What You Bring to Your Business Is VIP!

When it’s quiet on your blog, your Facebook Fanpage is getting little attention you wonder if being transparent is too much! You are giving your best to share from your life experiences and wonder if it’s too much or too little for your reader, your Ideal Client. Your mind is wavering in doubt.

You begin to wonder if this online content creation really works or if you should set it all aside.


Your story, your. Life experiences resonates with another person out there…what you bring to the table is important.select_you

Select you.

Remember that every good lesson you applied to your life can in turn be an encouragement to someone else.  

The disappointments and failures are stepping stones upwards to change.

Allow others to benefit from your story as you show them how to avoid the pitfalls.
Select you, use your own voice to be on the Internet.

Continue to consistently post to your blog, to Social Media. You will attract your Ideal Client.  You are using your own voice, your view on life and business as you have chosen to speak to your Ideal client.  You will be heard.

You will be building your own business assets with each step.

Affirm with Gratitude

The work for you to do is to affirm yourself, to select you setting aside all self doubt.  Move forward in truth and strength, watch for the slow but steady shifts in the action. Make up your mind that you are a successful, contributing business person.
Celebrate every success, every comment, like, share…more will come.
Go here to learn more about about mindset.

 Pat Campbell


  1. I really enjoyed your “Mindset” post. And I needed to hear what you had to say. I think many times as we follow our path we wonder if anyone will follow. If we really can help someone. If we can instinctively know what that someone “needs”. Thanks for boosting my confidence.

    • Phyllis, I’m so glad the post and video was an encouragement for you. You re making progress both online and in your business so don’t give up!

  2. Oh my you got me it sounded like you were ready to quit and then zap. Really good picture placed after you reeled us in. You will find another comment about four posts in you have a very natural style easy to read and very good information thanks so much. Haven’t done a blog yet but starting to comment more as I feel my way around this new captivating world. I’ve been programmer on IBM mainframes for going on 39 years of course even there we are evolving there are daze i don’t even log on mainframe and wonder were day went.

    • David, As I said in the post, You bring special gifts to the marketplace. I hope you can drill down to get that figured out and then start writing from your keen interests. Just be yourself as you write…if you have your Ideal Client identified, think of them across from you having a conversation with them. It’s all about what that person wants to hear from you.
      Be inspired as you start your blog.


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