SEO Tips For Your Blog Posts

SEO Tips For Your Blog PostsSix Tips to Remember about SEO

Driving targeted traffic to their websites is one of the goals online marketers have today who are in the business of achieving a successful business strategy on the Internet. 

Lots of time, money and energy can be spent on creating content for the internet. At the same time, lots of money can be lost if marketers miss accomplishing Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Your content on the internet can create a web of communication between each other, create a presence that is found by Search Engine Optimization, SEO. This ‘web’ draws the attention of ‘spiders’ from the SEO algorithms who note how many places your content is found.

They also recognize how much attention you are getting from visitors. The internet has a wonderful ebb and flow to it like an living organism. It becomes ‘alive’ with awareness of activity generated by sites. Make one of those sites yours!

This awareness by the SEO algorithms results in listing you closer to the front page of their indexing for certain words, keywords, that people type in.

So what is the business strategy you can implement help your content be found and visited by more people?

Here are some simple tips which do not cost money.

For SEO Figure out your Market, Make sure You Are Talking Directly To Them

Decide who you are marketing to. Spend some time thinking about who these people are.

Your articles are created to provide value and service to this market. Be consistent in your content to address the focus of your niche market. Y

ou are becoming a solutions provider for them. Your visitors to your site will return, or look at other content you have when they find what they are looking for in your content. 

Your visitors may also refer others to your site which adds to your SEO.

Why  Links are Important for SEO

When you are writing an article in one content sharing service , such as Squidoo, create a link from this article to one on the same topic posted in another content sharing site such as your blog.

Another example is making a link from one article in a your to a related  article in your blog. 

If you know of an author of a blog who adds value to your target audience,  link from your blog post to a related article in another blog.  In time you may earn the opportunity to have your  link being posted in their marketing site.

The more articles and content you post with these kind of links will eventually result in your page being noticed more often by those ‘spiders’ on the internet and your page ranking improving.  This is SEO.

Keywords Are Hard Work, But Worth It

Over and over again you hear of the importance of keywords. Keywords are important because they are simply the words people are typing in to search engines looking for information.

Your use of keywords is important in your article titles, headlines and throughout the article.  Your keyword should be bolded once, underlined once and italicized once for SEO purposes.  Reread your material carefully before posting it. Do you notice that your article is boring and repetitive with too many uses of the keyword? If keyword use is too obvious, abused, it is counterproductive.

Is your attention kept with the freshness of the writing?  Does the writing flow naturally? 

When you are writing, use one of several keyword tools to know which ones are commonly typed in by people looking for information.

Remember, your writing is designed to capture the attention of both the internet surfer and once again, the ‘spiders’ of the algorithms. This results in positive SEO

Be Yourself…Write Original Content

Your articles for your websites catch the best attention if they are original. 

There is a great capacity to gather content from article directories. This material is not unique to you and somehow does not catch as much attention as your own writing, even if you package it in a new format. That is not to say you can’t use it ever…but try not to use a steady diet of it.

Let your writing reflect your personality, being authentic is valuable. Simplicity is well received. Your article word count can be somewhere between 300 to 750 words including your titles and subtitles.You don’t have to write masterpieces with each post.

Give  Your Blog Lots of Love for SEO

A blog is a wonderful tool that allows you to add content regularly.  When you make a point to journal high quality, value based information in your blog, you are providing a service that generates attention. 

Visitors to your blog entries may bookmark your content, or link to it from their online content. All of this activity continues to add to that awareness of who you are to those ‘spiders’ on the algorithms increasing SEO.

Being consistent in adding blog posts whether it’s weekly or twice weekly matters, the internet and your readers take notice.

Domain Name, Keep it Simple

Domain name use is another whole subject matter.

For this article, we are wanting to achieve return visits to your website. If someone has found you while surfing,your domain name counts.

If you are out in the marketplace, at a ballgame or anywhere in conversation with people, your domain name counts. Having a domain name that is easy to spell, to remember, that relates to the topic of your site is important.

Return traffic is more likely to happen when visitors remember the name of your website, the domain name. Take some time to create your domain name, this part is free, but very important.  There is a nominal fee to register domain names.

These are common reminders you will often find to put into practice when you are writing. You can start your marketing with effectiveness and low cost when you make good use of these six tips for SEO.

These are only basic tips for SEO and the rules change often, but if you manage these six tips…you’ll be well on your way. 
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