So, You are Building Your Online Business, How Will People Find You?

So, You are Building Your Online Business, How Will People Find You?

We see it everywhere, the work that is done to bring people into a store, restaurant, and other brick and mortar businesses. Careful attention is given to sales fliers, the store presentation, and the customer service values to give the customer a reason to buy.
This month a girlfriend is shutting down her original Ukrainian food restaurant.  Even though she sells the best borscht I’ve ever tasted, has fabulous service, often with live musicians…the foot traffic did not sustain the business.  You can have the best product ever, but if no one is coming to your site or business, no money is going into your bank account.

Build a Business You can be Proud Of.

And more than the casual visit to the front door of your online business, you want the kind of welcome that draws them in to stay and visit for several minutes browsing your page and making that sought after “click”.
It is really important in the design of your online business site to think of what your ideal client is looking for.

  •  You want to know how they want to be greeted and
  • What you need to offer to them to take action. Good trigger statements to write to catch their attention
  • Your intention is to have them put their finger on the screen, or mouse to give you the gift of their valuable name and email in return for the free gift you have to offer them , or some action you want them to take.

That action is called a conversion.  You have a site guest…they took an action that adds a name to your list.
Going back to thinking of your favorite clothing shop, that business owner has a business model that directs every action the store takes.

A Map for Successful Online Business Model

It’s the same with your online business model; you will create a map that takes you business from its first ideas to the place where you are in profit. Traffic is key to that map. For without traffic that covert to leads, you are not in business.

There are two keys for the entrepreneur beginning an online business model to be successful.

  1. Traffic
  2. Conversions

As you build every part of your sales funnel, the intention is to lead your site visitor from one action step to the next.  It takes skill to be in tune with your ideal client to know how they think…what triggers will connect with them to take action.  Another point to remember is that depending on where your traffic is coming from you will have to expect your site guests to have a different response to your offer. You will want to include different triggers in your message.  All the triggers may not resonate with each guest, but one point or another will give you the response you are looking for …again the valuable “click”.
When your sales funnel becomes really good at conversions, then traffic can come from anywhere and you are in business…you are in profit.

What Is A Conversion?

Conversion is a term from direct response marketing that means a measurable response. It means that you have been successful in

So, You are Building Your Online Business, How Will People Find You?

Click for a Conversion.

having your site guest take a specific action you wanted them to that leads them closer to buying from you.  Further to that, just like the shopkeeper keeping count of his foot traffic, you are measuring how many visits your site received compared to the number of “clicks” made on your first offer.
It’s always, always about getting your site guest to take some form of action, even if it isn’t an immediate sale. You want your guest to interact with you in some way. They may watch a video, leave a comment or optin for your free offer. This kind of interaction is working to help them make a level of commitment to engage with you.

Lots of little conversions equal big conversions.
Those action steps taken are measured, tracked by successful marketers. This data provides a map to give direction for changes within your sales funnel to get you to your goals faster.

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