Stuck?…It Happens To The Best of Us

Stuck?...It Happens To the Best of Us

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Doesn’t Feel Great But…

There is hope.  Stuff comes at us that takes the wind out of our sails.  Pressure piles up making it feel like we are stuck in a snowbank just like the car.

It can be totally frustrating.  Watching others make steady progress. Feeling personal overwhelm, and sometimes, fear. Heck, lots of feelings surface that surprise you!

I’ve Been There and Done That

Choose To Be In Control

We choose our response.  It’s a decision.

Yes…it starts in our head, then finds it’s way into our “heart”. Then when we “own” those thoughts/belief in ourselves then we get into action…or not!

Let stress be a motivator for you, that magic place between too little stimulus and too much.  Control pressure sneaking up on you as it will get you back in the snowbank!

As entrepreneurs, we can only allow that stuck feeling to be a very short season. Otherwise momentum is lost, creativity  fizzles, relationships dry up.

Self doubt sabotages.  Recognize when that is creeping up and stay in control.  Here are 5 quick tips to help you keep moving forward.

Believing in you to make it happen in your business.
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