Taking a Break

Soak Up Vacation Time

Taking a Break                 Taking a BreakTaking time to get away and spend time with family and friends is important for several reasons.

The change in routines and environment creates room for you to step back and appreciate the hard work you are doing in business, the reasons why you are pushing forward to success. You may see changes  necessary to bring different results.

More importantly…the break is necessary just to rejuvenate yourself…soak up the love and energy from the relationships around you.

Often we find our lives in a mixed up balance of time between training, implementing and figuring out results in our businesses only to start all over again to achieve more.  This often results in relationships that are important to us getting the short end of the stick of our time and attention.

Use taking a break to  create an opportunity for talks about this and an intention to make a schedule that is mutually agreed on. Respecting this schedule keeps you accountable for your use of time, and gives your closest support circle reason to celebrate your progress.

Here’s a short video while others are sleeping 🙂   on a recent get away with family…

Stepping Away Works!

When you get the opportunity to step away from your computer and business…do so with full intention to rest and relax.  The new energy that comes to refocus on your work is well work the break!

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