Targeting a Small Group…Builds Your Business

Does Targeting a Small Group Make You Nervous?

How to Save Money With a Small MarketDoes reaching out to a small group of people for your business feel like you are limiting your reach and potential?

Do you feel like you need get your message out to as many people as you can?

Let me reassure you that it’s okay!…Your business will get results with a narrow target. This is called your Niche.  In fact, you will have better results when you take the time to figure out that small group…which is your “Niche”.

This video talks more about that…have a quick listen.

Starting with a Targeted Niche…Does That Make Sense?

If that makes sense to you, why don’t you sit down with a cup of tea to write down what niche you will bring your business in front of?

Who will be that target audience that is looking for what you are selling.  The cool thing is that when you have that group tagged, you can go further.  Find the individual person within that group that you want to talk to.

That’s getting pretty narrow isn’t it?

“Talking” to One Person in Your Niche…Are You Ok With That?

Like the author in my video…( let me correct my comments in the video…3500 downloads in 36 hours, not 4…which likely digitally impossible! lol )   her best customer that she identified…”Patriotic Patty” …was ready to hear her message.  The content created to promote her book caught the attention of her narrow niche because she wrote just as if she was talking to Patriotic Patty.


So You See…Finding Your Niche Works

It works…doing the homework of really narrowing down your message to a small niche works.

We’ll talk about that some more.

If you caught the word  ” Branded” in that clip from FaceBook and are interested in learning more…connect with me.  Let’s talk about what you’re interested in doing online and how you can start building your personal brand.

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Talk with you soon!
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  1. Great video and comments on branding and the niche. I’ve got to narrow it done too. Your site is quite simple and easy to understand … I don’t need a road map to find what I looking which makes it easy. I can’t wait to have my personal site up and running.

    • Hi Jim, thanks for coming to find me here.Yes, narrowing your target audience down is really hard work, but well worth it. Join Hale and I on one of the Thursday coaching calls when you’re ready to explore that! Glad my site was easy to navigate, do come back often…you’ll find good stuff here!

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