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Conflict…Who Me?

Preventing and Arbitrating conflict within your teams…

We’d like to think that time spent on referring conflict comes at the bottom of the list of things to do!

But the reality is when you’re working with a dynamic group of different people, diverse opinions will be put forward. And that’s good, it’s healthy. You don’t want people following you mindlessly! You do want people thinking for themselves…rather than having a “we think” organization.

Talk with Your Team

Keep in regular communication with your team leaders, with members of your team from the bottom up.  You will have the opportunity to keep a pulse on what struggles the team is going through, the successes, questions.  In this business, there are a lot of distractions…as CEO, help the team to create a consensus on objectives.  This agreement is useful to remind everyone of agreed goals and help to solve conflict.

Diversity is healthy, as a CEO…team leader, exercise leadership to curb groups going off in different directions. This weakens the group focus on previously agreed goals and objectives.

Let Goals Set the Course

Arbitrating differing opinions…this is a discipline. Whether you are a solopreneur or CEO of a team remember this principle. You have set a course, measure all decisions against the path you have chosen. This will save you lots of money when those shiny objects or schemes slam you every day.

Having a clear mandate for your business helps you when conflict arises, as CEO, to stay the course and not be pulled in one direction or another.





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