The Secret of Successful Marketers: Nurturing Mindset

The Secret of Successful Marketers: Nurturing Mindset

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Did you know that successful marketers need to be careful to preserve “brain space” Yes; there is a sense that the brain has a huge capacity to perform. In recognizing that the smart marketer makes sure that everything he/she does serves multiple purposes. For example, creating content for a blog post can also be feeder information to tweet or post to other Social Media from the same piece of work.

The smart thinking marketer also builds systems into everything they do.  This is done for several reasons.

  1.   as mentioned to maximize the work capacity of the brain
  2.   to create business systems that turn into turnkey functionality
  3.   to maximize the dollar value of their business for resell.

The Insider’s Secret to How the Marketer’s Brain Works

  •  Can be trained to consume information differently
  •  A marketing brain is not passive…the marketer is experiencing their           world with constant surveillance of how emotional hooks are being used, how people respond in situations, what is effective to make a sale.
  •   Are always on the alert for new input for marketing and ready to take physical notes as new  thoughts come to their attention no matter where they are.
  •   Think different…they have the secret advantage that sees the shifts in behaviours
  •   Understand the secrets of getting into their prospects minds, thereby guiding them to a laser  targeted response.

All men are very much alike. It is their habits which separate them.  Gary Halbert

9 Things You Should Know about the Successful Marketing Brain

To put that into perspective with understanding how a business person thinks about profit and sales, it is necessary to do some reverse engineering to see what drives success…what wires a successful Marketing Brain.

  •   It is important to study successful people
  •   Observe how they control their thought which in turn controls behavior.
  •   Learn how they think and what their perspective is
  •   Be mindful of cultivating mindset daily. Even successful people are     vulnerable and practice
  •   Refocusing deliberately to enable them to brush off negative influences.
  •   Successful people tangibly keep a file of positive quotes to bolster them,( they are human and   susceptible to fears/doubts like anyone)
  •   A Successful Marketing Brain chooses to spend time  people with like minds.
  •   Imagery, keeping a visual reminder of goals, attainments, vision in front of them at all times keeps the successful Marketer focused
  •    Success is driven by being a sponge…not just observing passively, but taking notes to become a distributor of information in multiple formats before their markets.

It is empowering for any marketer to understand that it is within their power to become a business person whose mind works with you to generate profit and sales.  You can see that most of the secrets listed above are related to choices and practices made to make a change in how you live your life.

It is a choice to enter into the discipline of retraining how your brain works. To invest in books and training that supports the work of a marketing brain.   A recommended resource to that end is: Influence –The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B Cialdini PHD

It is an awesome responsibility to realize how much the becoming a strong effective business person has power to influence. Use your influence well.  In selling your product, you are also selling an experience.


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