Tips to Overcome Limitations…Find Out How

LWL-30 Mentors to Rock Your World

30 Mentors Bring Unique Tips to Overcome In Life

As we come to the end of the year and start thinking about what this year has unfolded for us there is often a mixed bag of emotions.

Life has a way of tossing surprises in our path when we set out to accomplish a goal.  We encounter challenges whether we work to change a behavior, building new relationships, or even broader…making a career change or adding a second stream of income to your home.

My experience this year, learning from great mentors, Ann Sieg and Natasha Hazlett, is the importance of taking control of my thoughts, actions making a decision about how I am going to move forward.

In this book, I share important tips about how our minds can be changed to free us from the sense of overwhelm that comes with too much information.  The challenges that come our way can be seen as springboards for finding new solutions. The reality of watching change happen and celebrating even the smallest steps forward gives me and I trust you, empowerment to push on towards your goals.

Who Wrote Living Without Limitations- 30 Mentors to Rock Your World?

This book has contributions from professionals from around the world who are dedicated to helping people in many areas of their lives to realize growth and possibilities. Some are professional coaches, others like myself serve more in consultation.

Why Write Living Without Limitations-30 Mentors to Rock Your World?

The goal of this book  was to inspire our readers to break through the barriers that limit so many from achieving their life goals; and I have been so excited to be part of that effort! Here is the anthology Living Without Limitations – 30 Mentors to Rock Your World! TakLiving Without Limitations_authorse a look! 

We all face virtual barriers at some point in our lives placed by ourselves or others that control key aspects of our lives as we try to move forward toward our destiny. Sometimes we don’t even realize it until years later. Living Without Limitations – 30 Mentors to Rock Your World is a compilation based on the years of experience of a group of special people that can show you how to prevent just that!

As you plan for 2014 setting new goals for yourself, this book is a gem to have at your side to turn to for encouragement.  This book is more than encouragement, strategies to put in place, resource people to access to keep you moving forward.

You can have your copy of International Best Sellers book today, Living Without Limitations-30 Mentors to Rock Your World. 

This book made International best sellers in three categories:

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 1. Personal Transformation

 2. Happiness

 3. Motivational

Get your copy of Living Without Limitations – 30 Mentors to Rock Your World now.

Believing in Your Success,

Pat Lee



  1. Congratulations on your book!
    This is a great accomplishment. Have you been getting any feedback!
    It must have been fun to be working with such an inspirational and diverse group of coaches.
    H McNally MD ACC

    • Heather, it’s a delight to have you visit my blog and find this post. Yes,the experience of writing this book and preparing for another is an awesome thing. The coaches within this anthology are gifted practitioners who are very much interested in building online businesses. I hope you get a copy of the book to “meet” them too! 🙂

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