Tips to Remember About SEO Part 1

Tips to Remember About SEO Part 1Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Important

As an Online marketers today, you are in the business of achieving not only exposure on the internet, but also working to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

Lots of time, money and energy can be spent on creating content for the internet. At the same time, lots of money can be lost if network-marketers miss accomplishing Search Engine Optimization.

Creating a “Web” for SEO

Your content on the internet can create a web of communication between each other creating a presence that is found by Search Engine Optimization, SEO. This ‘web’ draws the attention of ‘spiders’ from the SEO algorithms who note how many places your content is found. They also recognize how much attention you are getting from visitors.

The internet has a wonderful ebb and flow to it like an living organism. It becomes ‘alive’ with awareness of activity generated by sites. One of those sites could be yours.

This awareness by the SEO algorithms results in listing you closer to the front page of their contents list for certain words, keywords, that people type in.

So what can you do to help your content be found and visited by more people?

Free Tips for SEO

1.Figure out your Market

Decide who you are marketing to. Spend some time thinking about who these people are. Your articles should be created to provide value and service to this market.Talk in your reader’s language, make your content Ideal Customer specific.

Be consistent in your content to address the focus of your niche market. You are becoming a solutions provider for them.

Your visitors to your site will return, or look at other content you have when they find what they are looking for in your content. Your visitors may also refer others to your site which adds to your SEO.

2. Linking for SEO

When you are writing an article in one content sharing service, such as Squidoo, create a link from this article to one on the same topic posted in another content sharing site such as EZines.

Another example is making a link from one article in a content sharing site to an article in your blog.

If you know of an author of a website who supports your market, link from your blog posts to authority content in their blog.

The more articles and content you post with these kind of links will eventually result in your page being noticed more often by those ‘spiders’ on the internet and your page ranking improving. This is SEO.

3. Keywords

Over and over again you hear of the importance of keywords. Keywords are important because they are simply the words people are typing in to search engines looking for information. Your use of keywords is important in your article titles, At the beginning of paragraphs, and throughout the article.

Reread your material carefully before posting it. Do you notice that your article is boring and repetitive with too many uses of the keyword? If keyword use is too obvious, abused, it is counterproductive.

Is your reader’s attention kept with the freshness of your writing? Does the writing flow naturally? When you are writing, use one of several keyword tools to know which ones are commonly typed in by people looking for information. Google has a new free keyword tool, called Keyword Planner you can start there.

Remember, your writing is designed to capture the attention of both the internet surfer and once again, the ‘spiders’ of the algorithms. This results in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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 Tips to Remember About SEO Part 1



    • Thank you for your visit Sarah…If there is any way I can help you get your message out farther…I’m glad to help.

  1. Pat,
    What great information for someone like me just starting out. I especially liked the part about linking. It would have never occurred to me that it would let the “spiders” see you more. It was also a nice to to use your key word or words, but do not over due them. Thank you. 🙂

    • Kelly,
      How delightful to have you visit my blog and take the time to comment. Two ways to make linking work for you as Marsha teaches is to first link to a relevant post within your own blog using a free plugin. The other way, is to find a good blog, like Marsha’s or Ann’s blog or even mine 🙂 and link your article to a post that adds value to what you are writing about.

      Yes, Keywords in your Headlines, two or three times in your post is likely enough.
      Do have fun in the learning process. Come back often! 🙂


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