Tips to Remember About SEO Part 2

Tips to Remember About SEO Part 2Make Your Content Original

Just like going to corporate sites, leave you with a feeling that no one is really engaging with you, content that is not written with your Ideal Customer first and foremost in your mind, misses the target! ( pun intended 🙂 )

Your articles for your websites catch the best attention if they are original.

Did you know that you can just go to to gather content from article directories? Marketers with do this as a means of generating content. This material is not unique to you and somehow does not catch as much attention as your own writing, even if you package it in a new format.

Let your writing reflect your personality, being authentic is valuable. Simplicity is well received. Your article word count can be somewhere between 350 to 700 words including your titles and subtitles. 

Blog visitors scan posts rather than read them carefully, so writing massive posts accomplishes little unless you are creating “pillar content”! More on that in another post.

Give Your Blog Lots of Love

 A blog is a wonderful online space that allows you to add content for your Ideal Customer regularly. When you make a point to pTips To Remember For SEO Part 2ost high quality, value based information in your blog, you are providing a service that generates attention.

Visitors to your blog entries may bookmark your content, or link to it from their online content. All of this activity continues to add to that awareness of who you are to those ‘spiders’ on the algorithms increasing S.E.O. 

Schedule your posts…it’s more important to post regularly, than be a posting machine.  As a beginner, aim for 1 maybe 2 blog posts per week.  It’s helpful to set aside a block of writing time . You could do four posts, finish one to readiness to publish. The other three, you can schedule as first of all drafts, then in WordPress, schedule to publish on a certain date.  This helps your blog register as being regularly active.

Choosing Your Domain Name 

Domain name use is another whole subject matter. For this article, we are wanting to achieve return visits to your website. If someone has found you while surfing,your domain name that is keyword rich counts.Your site is found not because someone is searching for your personal name, but because you have a keyword they are using in surfing.

If you are out in the marketplace, at a ballgame or anywhere in conversation with people, your domain name counts. Having a domain name that is easy to spell, to remember, that relates to the topic of your site is important.

Return traffic is more likely to happen when visitors remember the name of your website, the domain name. Take some time to create your domain name, this part is free, but very important.

There is a nominal fee to register domain names.  These are common reminders you will often find to put into practice when you are writing. You can start your marketing with effectiveness and low cost when you make good use of these six tips for SEO.

Here is the first part of this discussion, Tips to Remember About SEO Part 1.

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