List Building

In order to have an online business, one of the most important parts of that is to grow a list of names. Names of real people whom you have connected with and have chosen to stay connect with you. In order to build a list, you will need a tool called an autoresponder. This is simply a tool that allows you to put an sign up window...or optin box in your marketing so that people will give you their information as requested. Once your list starts to build, an autoresponder does just as it's name implies and that is send out your emails automatically at first. Then you can use the tool to send immediate or scheduled broadcast emails to a single or multiple lists. There is more than one strategy to doing that.  This is just about having a good tool online to enable you to manage collecting and then communicating to a list of people.

You will find that there are several tools available online for this purpose.  Some are free which is great...but read the fine print. You may find they are not very friendly to those who are doing business online. I am very comfortable with using Aweber.  Over the years, this service has done a great job for me.  The support team is always ready to assist with any questions and they have great tutorials. You can trial Aweber for 30 days for FREE then it's $19.95 per month. I recommend this tool with confidence knowing that many men and women online are using it successfully in their businesses. Disclaimer: If you decide after looking at this tool that you want to purchase it from my link, I'll earn a few dollars.  I thank you in advance for that.

Creating Your Online Space

There are many things to consider about building your business online! One of the first things is where are you going to be found on the World Wide Web. You have lots of options ranging from simply using features of FaceBook, or free webhosting platforms.

However, the experience with free hosting for your blog or website is simply a size limitation...maybe an activity limitation also. How frustrating would that be to put in hours of work only to find out you have reach a content limit!

Hostgator is a widely used service that provides the tools and space to make sure your online "real estate" works every day.  They do not limit how much space you use.  They do offer security services for very reasonable prices.


Simply said...when you are looking to get started with your blog or self branded website I would highly recommend Hostgator.

I will tell you that anytime you are looking to purchase their service, search for or ask for a coupon code as they often run a discount for services for new customers.

The cost of their services is less than $10 per month.  You can save a few more dollars if you pay for services annually.  That's my preference over having monthly expenses.

Disclaimer: Hostgator has an affiliate program which you too can subscribe to. If you decide to purchase their services through my banner here, I'll earn a few dollars from that sale.  I do thank you in advance for that.