Urgency in Leadership

Urgency in LeadershipKnowing the Goals…Setting the Pace

Working in teams there are all kinds of leadership styles. This post talks about being a leader with urgency in your step, communications action.

I’m certainly not talking about the kind of urgency that spouts off  with impatience; spins in circles of disorganization; or leads with anxiety.

As a leader who has established your monthly goals for yourself or your team, you know what the priorities are, you know what growth can be accomplished from one business period to the next.

Leading with a sense of urgency then in this context means setting the pace. As CEO of your own business as a solopreneur or team lead, the pace of activity is set to reached the monthly goals with determination…urgency.  Time is of essense!

Letting Urgency Be a Motivator

Your business has markers of growth…sales, showing up every day, self development…whatever you establish. When you recognize that you or the team is falling short of these milestones it’s time to implement urgency to pick up the pace and get back on track.

Leadership urgency is simply a tool to provide the undercurrent of energy that keeps your business moving forward towards goals set.

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