Use Social Media to Attract Your Ideal Customers

Social MediaIs Social Media Working For Your Business?

Attraction Marketing in the form of giving valuable content includes what you are doing in Social Media.  
Speaking of which, keep in mind that everything you do in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other Social Media platforms  leave a “forever” trail of influence.  Don’t be posting pictures, comments, that you wouldn’t want your boss, your Grandma or child to see. 
Speaking of pictures, I just came across a great article that details the image sizes needed for each of the common platforms. ( I encourage you to get good in one or two Social Media sites first before branching out to others.) All the platforms different rules for images.  Check out this great infographic that clearly shows you what to use in each platform.  One caveat…this is December 2013…the rules may change as time moves on! 🙂

Using Social Media to Build the Trust Factor

Your Social Media content should always reflect your values that match your business presence.
Do be engaged with your friends, take the time to comment, share items of meaning to you posted by friends.
Being consistent in social media for most people means choosing one or two platforms to get really comfortable with. Once you decide what that will be, post regularły.  Again thinking of your Ideal Customer, what time of day are they checking their news feed? Post keeping those times in your planning to catch their attention.
Contribute regularly, be fun, as I said before, comment on your friends posts.  Cultivating community in Social Media is important.  You will develop a following who will trust you, like you and be engaged with you. 

When you bring an offer to your Social Media community that provides a solution to a problem they have, you have earned the right to be heard, because you have worked on building relationships, some will respond and buy from you.
So it’s very important to be present in your choice of Social Media.
As you are building your community online, you are building your credibility as a person.
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Pat Lee

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