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girlfriendsAre you ready to get Attraction Marketing working for you?

As I’ve already posted, Attraction Marketing is all about educating your audience. 
Remember the formula “teaching sells”. 

In today’s market, the consumer will Google online before making a purchase more than ever before.
In order to capture the attention of these searches, you simply understand who your ideal customer is.  Create all your content as though you are having a one on one conversation with her or him.

How Well Do You Know Your Ideal Customer?

This means knowing what makes that person tick.  How do they think? If they are looking for your business, what words would they use?  You can figure these sorts of things out by using several means. 
You know who your ideal customer is.  Find groups in Social Media where they spend time.  Be present there “listening” to the conversation, engaging yourself with them…build a relationship by adding good comments to the group conversation. In time ask those you’ve befriended to take a short survey around the topic you are marketing for input.  
Watch the language they use in the group that reveals any clues about needs they might have around the product or service you sell.  These words may be the beginning of the list of words you would sprinkle through your writing, the titles of your articles, naming images. The use of these types of words is called Keywords. 
You can also access free tools such as Google Keyword Planner and find words that are relevant to your topic that people are searching for. You do have to create an Adwords account, but not commit to spending any money on ads. 
If you want some other options for keywords search, check out this post.
If you know your Ideal Customer personally, ask them! Just have coffee together, inviting them for feedback on how your new online business can meet their needs.  Ask them what words they would Google to find you.  Make the whole thing a journey of watching your progress online together as friends.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Ready,Fire, Aim in Attraction Marketing

So you see, there is business strategy to Attraction Marketing . It is not a random hit and miss shot in the dark hoping to bring some visitors to your online business.
Ann Sieg in her book, The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto, in 69 pages does a thorough job of describing Attraction Marketing and how it works. 
Get your free copy of The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto now.Attraction_marketers_manifesto  book cover
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