Walk Away From Your Desk

Walk Away From Your Desk De-stress in Nature

Sometimes I find myself in front of my computer screens, tablets for long periods at a time.

Do you find yourself compelled to stay in that computer chair to finish one more thing?

For me it was online courses that absolutely captivated my attention and of course, wanted to ace and complete each step “yesterday”.

The problem with that is my focus was entirely on the new work, not paying attention to my one need to move, to stay engaged with my family as I really wanted.

Take a Break  Outside

or even walk through your house. Do something that takes your attention and body away from the computer to pay attention to someone or something else.

You’ll find that you are much more productive, coming back to your work after this kind of a mental recess.

You can create a system around this work pattern by making a choice to work for a certain length of time…like 30 minutes. Then get up and create a change in scenery and focus.  You can use a simple kitchen timer or your smart phone alarm or anything!

The other benefit, it keeping balance intact with relationships with the important people in your life.  There’s no point achieving big things online or anywhere, if they are not celebrated by the people you care about.

Let me know in comments below what works for you in keeping physical, mental and relationship balance while working online. 🙂




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