What does Intensity Mean in leadership?

Using Inner Drive to Get Things Done

 What does Intensity Mean in leadership?On the ball field we see intensity and focus.  That’s what makes home runs!

Let’s talk about leadership with intensity.

Especially as solopreneurs our boss is ourselves. That means showing up everyday to do what is on your list measures up to intensity. Intensity that keeps you on time. Intensity that results in staying on task. Intensity that causes you to do your best work every single day!

Remembering Intensity in Relationships

I’m not talking about being a workaholic. Keeping relationships current is just as important as business related activity. Show up for the people you love with intensity too! They’ll love it :-).

Now we know that there are days when ta bug gets the best of you, pressing necessities pull you from work. There’s lots of margin for that.

When you come back to your work, work for your “boss” like your next promotions depends on it!

It does!

Intensity Moves Business Forward

Intensity is good 🙂  Intensity is a measure of leadership.

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