What Makes You So Special?

What Makes You so Special?What Makes You So Special Builds Your Business

Whether you are a network marketer, a coach, consultant, small business owner, the principles of attraction marketing apply the same. 

Having your online presence supports your offline marketing. When your Ideal Customer is looking offline at your business or opportunity, you can direct them to your online presence. 

Key #1 to An Effective Online Business Strategy

First of all, what is it about you that gives your Ideal Client reason to do business with you? We have to start here because your business is centered around you.  No longer are you just a sales rep for your company, or one of many coaches. There is something within you that makes you different from others in your business. 
That’s what we have to figure out first.  Going through your life experiences, your interests, talents and much more, you will be able to see a pattern.  In different areas of your life something keeps cropping up that is a giftedness that is unique to you.  

Figuring Out Your Unique Selling Proposition  — USP

It is this particular strength, ability that you can use to create a position of specialty. It gives you a message that says, do business with me because I can offer you this kind of support, skill set that no one else who is a sales rep, coach, consultant, shopkeeper etc can do for you.  
It’s hard work to figure out what your uniqueness is because most people undervalue what they have to bring to the marketplace.  
It helps to take this conversation to your spouse, close friends and ask them what they see as special in what they know of you. 
A few questions you can ask them are :
1. When I’m in a room full of people, who am I attracted to first? How do I interact?
2. What do people say about me ?
3. How do you describe the way I manage life?
4. What do you think makes me special?
5. Do you think there is anything about me that is unique?
6. What are my talents?
I know it kind of feels like you are looking for praise, or flattery. The reality is, we undervalue who we are and the life experiences we’ve had.  Asking others these kinds of questions puts a spotlight on qualities, gifts and talents that you can develop into your Unique Selling Proposition. 
I want to offer a great resource on this topic by Eric Walker of Daily Marketing Coach….here are some tips on developing your USP
Get a copy of my book, The 9 Ultimate Shortcuts to Getting Leads Online, for some helps to get this work done.  Put your name and email in the form on the top of this page.
Once you get some clarity on that question, think about a gift you can offer them at your online blog in exchange for their contact information.  

This gift can be in many forms. It could be a report, eBook, video series, consulting or coaching session, a physical product from a small business.  Whatever you choose, the term for this piece in your marketing is called a “Compelling Offer”.
You offer it to your blog visitor on the first, or home page. This is the beginning of why your Ideal Customer would choose to do business with you rather than your competitor.
This is the beginning of building your list…which will become your greatest asset in marketing. 
Go here to find out what the#2 Key is for effective Online Business Strategy.
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