What Others Say

I earned a certificate in Life Coaching with Coaching Cognition 2010.
In that program, I had the opportunity to get some feedback from my peers.

Let them tell you more about me.

Kathy: (peer mom in parent support group)

  • Caring, generous, smart, thoughtful, helpful, generous, hardworking, sensitive,honest, open loyal, dependable, moral,
  •  Christian, interesting, blend of old fashioned and modern in thinking and personal style
  •  youthful appearance and attitude, ambitious
  •  Oral and written communication, artistic, organized, home decorating, hospitality, making people feel valued

Richard Goutal:  Coaching Cognition peer coach

  •         Very supportive and encouraging to my online efforts
  •         A frequent commentor on multiple blogs, FB pages with an encouraging nature.
  •         You may not realize how that empowers others like myself.
  •         You have an “ministry of encouragement” by the very nature and wording of your comments.
  •         You were the  ONE went and made video testimonies for others at the Live Event.
  •         You are in the role of an encourager.   You are a connector, taking encourager to a higher level.
  •         You were the one who reach out to me at first group meeting…and introduced me to the other people …
  •         it made my world a tad safer for me in those minutes.
  •         You have since shared information and names of people…who would be helpful for my ebook topic…..
  •         if you don’t think of yourself as a connecter naturally, then you must have grit and bravery to add to that.
  •         Above average knowledge of internet marketing, so a valued contributor to a team

Lanette:   Coaching cognition student.

  •   You are genuine, no pretense with you, you handle what life brings you with clarity and wisdom, there is no     drama only the facts.
  •  Knowledge in the health care industry.
  •  A good listener. Whenever I call for help you put aside what you are dealing with and focus only on me.

Elsie:   customer and friend

  •  Very caring, a very true friend that always has time for people. You will let your phone beep and not put people on hold.
  •   You are able to relate to any age person.
  •   You are able to make people understand things without making the other person inferior
  •   You always have a kind word to everyone in fact I would say you are the whole picture of being a Christian.
  •   Very caring and knowledgeable nurse that prides herself in her work.
  •    A wonderful mom and grandma and it gives me great pride to call you friend.

Myron : peer coach  Coaching Cognition class, we’ve never met personally

  •  An air of professionalism; most open, another trait I like because it helps me see a side of you few others see
  •   Patience in listening and becoming actively involved in issues; you never seem to drop the ball with genuine    caring.