When They Can’t Touch Your Goods, How Do You Get Sales?

When They Can’t Touch Your Goods, How Do You Get Sales?Four Reasons Why You Should Read this Article.

  •  you will have an understanding of the importance of engaging your site guest early in their visit to keep them on the page.
  •  read of an example of how I was “hooked” to take action this week with sales copy
  •  understand what it is you want to know about your customer before you create a sales funnel
  • get a short list of triggers that work to have customers engage with you.All around us we see people interacting with their smart screens. More and more the consumers are making purchases online.

There is a difference between the buying experience in the brick and mortar store than buying something online. What happens that these sales are being made with a touch of the finger?

When I go into a store to browse for a certain item, I’ll check the labels, the prices, the fabric, try something on. We depend on our five senses to let us know whether or not we want to buy the item.

In online marketing, there are specific skills a marketer must use to give the site guest something to get connected to.  When the four senses cannot be engaged, then the sale is dependent on engaging with the emotional hooks of your client.

Here’s an example of how this week, I experienced an online emotional hook. I clicked on a video selling a method to achieve free leads on Facebook. I listened to the marketer’s pain of loss with many failed efforts to get leads.  Then he showed screen shots of statistics of huge changes of growing leads numbers. As the video continued to emphasize the gold mine of this program for FB leads with proof of income gained I continued to listen…then he provided testimonials of other subscribers. Then came the sales pitch…not at this price, but at the rock bottom price followed by a call to action. I hit the button!

So, it works and it works over and over again. Sales are made online.

Have A Sales Funnel That Converts

Now to make the insider’s secret to engage your site guest work for you, you want to know who those people are in different ways.  You have to pay attention.

  •  You want to know what questions they are asking
  •  what products are they talking about
  •  what other sites do they visit,
  •  what your competitor is offering and at what price point.
  •   To use the methods of keeping them on their site you have to  really understand how they think, and how to tap into their emotions.

This is not a manipulative practice.  Your intention is to offer the best value you can give them in the way of product or services. The fact is, because you are online, you have to hook emotions because you cannot give them the experience of touching, smelling, tasting your product.

Can You Spot These Triggers When You are Shopping?

Whether you are owner of a brick and mortar business, or an online marketer, the strategies for using triggers to catch the attention of your customer works the same.

In online marketing, using words that catch attention  are key because you cannot engage the other four senses.
Here are some typical triggers commonly used:

  • Make more money
  • Save money
  • Creating a sense of loss, for example…missing out on money you could have made
  • Be more attractive
  • Live longer and healthier
  • Make life easier and simpler

Knowing your client and their pain points as mentioned above gives you clues as to what triggers will work for them.

These are meaningful skills marketers use to keep the attention of their site guests engaged on their site page and take action on the offer presented to them.  These skill sets include a variety of strategies that can be fun and create a loyalty among your readers if you do things right.

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