When Time Crunches…Keep Momentum

When Time CrunchesWhen Bed Looks So Welcoming

How many times do you get to the end of your day feeling like you can’t do one more thing?  You have managed your full time job.  You have prepared meals, done the laundry.  You listened to children play, read, got them settled.  Or spent some quality time with your spouse.  Done a little housework. Perhaps you’re just getting home from that volunteer event. Maybe you have even taken some time for yourself to relax….

Then you remember!

Your business…the time you committed to connecting with new friends on Social Media.  Perhaps you have team members to call. Or is it month end and there are volumes to consider? No matter what, there is that press of showing up in your business tonight.

All you want to do is get into PJs and climb into bed….to start yet another day of the same?

Wait…Here’s A Plan!

Promise yourself, no matter what… you will do one thing before you climb into that bed.   You will post to Social Media.  You might send an email to your group…or even draft one.  You might start a draft of a blog post and over the week, add content to it until it’s ready to publish.

You might look in a different group in Social Media to connect with new people each night for 10 minutes.

You could find images for your memes.  Save quotes that resonate with you to use at the right time.

When you accomplish one task…even one every. single. day.  Then your momentum keeps swinging.  The arc may be small, but there is movement forward.

Can you do it?

Can you promise yourself that no matter what…your head doesn’t hit that pillow until one thing is done?

Be Determined to Do This…

When you find that you are crunching time for your business, make the very pleasant discovery that 15 minutes gets a lot accomplished.

I’m always surprised when I sit down at the computer to work with a plan in mind, how much can actually be done.

When you can close your day…even with time crunch action…you stay in momentum.  Days don’t turn into weeks that turn into months.  Ready  to take the challenge?  Listen to this video

Celebrate Taking Even One Action


Keep in mind that staying in the process of building your business, will in fact, compound to bring you results.

Let that time crunch serve you to press to take action, some action every day before you allow yourself to go to bed. You’ll be glad you did.

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