Why “Branded” with Ree Rote

Why "Branded" with Ree RoteBranded…Fast Forwarding Your Business

My story tells about my journey to get online.  I was so relieved to finally find mentors to bring all the pieces together to build a business online.

Two of these mentors are Natasha and Rich Hazlett. A couple who have taken their expertise to build “Branded 100% Authentic” a training platform for entrepreneurs.  Natasha was able to quit her full time attorney position to join Rich at home building their business.

“Branded” Laser Targets Business

What I love about Branded is direct access to Natasha through interaction on a private FaceBook Group.  In this community of members, I’ve met amazing people like Ree Rote who understand the work I’m doing. Each of the members bring questions to the group about things like Domain Name choices, tagline wording, Header images for feedback from others.

It is very powerful to work together as people bring all sorts of expertise to the group and we are able to tweak our work fast. Natasha also provides purchased group coaching calls where questions, projects can be put in front of her for live  feedback which we can then watch the archive.

I learn so much from other people’s questions.  Branded saves so much time in building the core foundation of your business by laser targeting important

Listen to what Ree Rote has to say about Branded.  You’ll see at the end of the video…how this connection has quickly moved into a very close friendship.

“Branded” Nudges You out of Your Comfort Zone for Growth

Ree and I go on to talk about how Branded is like a Mother Eagle who has to nudge…or rather “kick” her babies out of the nest so they can realize their freedom in flight. Natasha uses challenges to move her students forward in a safe, supported group. It’s amazing to watch how our peers grow.

Interested? Watch this.

“Branded” is a powerful training platform for you to build a business that is focused on you…building your authentic brand…connect with me to have a chat about whether this platform fits what you are seeking to build online.  Book a Free Strategy Session Now and we’ll talk about what you’re doing, what you want to do and how Branded can fit for you!

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