Will it be…Derailed…or Show Up?

Derailed or Showing Up ? ...Your Choice!Even Life Curves Didn’t Derail Her But…

Something else nearly did until she discovered a very central truth…

Busy in her corporate job that has her traveling from country to country, Christina describes in this interview the key she discovered to bringing her business idea online.

I met Christina in an Online mentoring community.

How special to meet in person and bring that internet friendship face to face in an intimate live training!

This past year hasn’t been easy for Christina. Just like most of us, she had personal life curves that would have derailed a lesser person from her intentions and goals.

Listen to what Christina discovered for herself which is true for anyone who aspires to success in business either online or offline.

Finding the Best ROI

The ability to keep pushing through her personal challenges was possible in part because she was a member of Rich and Natasha Hazlett’s online mentoring community

It’s true that as an established success in the corporate world, Christina has lots of personal resources for leadership and marketing.  But what she wanted to do online was new.

She recognized the value and ROI on coaching and mentoring to teach her marketing skills.  Christina sought an online community and coach then, showed up to put her creative ideas into a working online business. The supports that propelled her progress were provided by the Hazlett’s and their community

The regular group coaching calls gave her deadlines to keep moving forward when she could have let “life” get in the way.

Bringing her ideas to community online for feedback, enable moving from “Start here” past obstacles to having a self branded website, conducting live workshops on her topic and now ready to bring that experience to her online audience.

All because Christina recognized the power and value of coaching and she accepted her responsibility to “show up” for her business.

If you are ready to “show up” for your business in a new way…let’s talk.  Connect with me for a few minutes.  This free strategy session will give you some options.

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