Will Limitations Define You?

Will Limitations Define You?

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When It Seems Too Hard…Do This

Just like this image, it’s easy to feel a little broken, rusty…not expecting to shine too well in our endeavors.


That’s a decision.  You can choose to allow limitations to keep you stuck or be the door to change!

There’s absolutely no reason to let limitations define who you are! As a matter of fact, let them become a starting point to make powerful progress in your life and  business. 🙂 Identify every thing you think is holding you back.

Limitations Revealed

Write each limitation down on paper.  Put each piece in a special place. Then pull them out one at a time.  think and write about what they mean in your life.  Write about possible solutions to overcome this piece that is holding you back…

Growing Through Limitations

Clearly we can’t be all things to everyone in business. In fact I don’t think that is necessary. Limitations are markers that show the way to building a partnership with someone else whose skill set compliments yours.  Perhaps a limitation means dealing with communication problems with loved ones and setting a framework that keeps everybody happy. A limitation can be a green light to look for specific training to learn.

Use Limitations to Make You Shine!

The image above looks tired and worn…a great picture of one way we can embrace limitations.

The beautiful truth is neither this logo or your limitations are destined to remain as they are.  A little determination, using some tools and a plan; the auto logo can shine…your limitations can serve you well.  You can choose!

Make yourself a “Limited Edition”!  There is no one else like you, no one else can shine in your world the same as you.  I celebrate that and I know you can too!

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